5 Big Benefits of Our Small School

Union Colony Schools elementary school student in class.

Picking the right school for your child is a vital decision most families take seriously. Getting lost in a pool of too many options is easy, but you don't have to. At Union Colony Schools (Union Colony), our smaller size is a defining feature that separates us and brings a ton of advantages to our students and their families. Keep reading to see what makes our tuition-free school so unique:

1. Tight-Knit Community Feel

At Union Colony, your child gets noticed. They get attention. Our teachers give each student the one-on-one engagement they need to thrive. Our smaller school size is ideal for creating (and maintaining) a close-knit vibe. Everyone knows each other by name at Union Colony, and that's by design. Our approach creates a welcoming learning environment where every student feels valued and part of a family. For us, it's about creating a sense of belonging and security, where support is always available from peers and the entire school staff.

2. Enhanced Teacher Attention

With smaller classes, our teachers can interact with each student more. This means your child's strengths can be amplified and any challenges addressed promptly without them feeling overlooked. We know learning is about much more than academic achievement. It's about understanding and nurturing each student's unique styles, abilities and path to success. At Union Colony, we see the individual, not just the class.

3. Flexible and Responsive Curriculum

One size doesn't fit all in education. A variety of approaches are necessary. Our smaller setting lets us be nimble and adapt our curriculum to meet our students' changing needs. Whether integrating new and exciting technologies, offering specialized courses, or providing extra support where needed our faculty and staff are on it. This flexibility ensures your child gets an education that's current and future-ready. As a bonus, we are a tuition-free K-12 school with two campuses. One is for elementary students, and the other is for 6-12th grade!

4. Stronger Student Participation

There are more opportunities for each student to participate, lead, and shine in a school that isn't too big. From sports teams to clubs and student government, we ensure your child can deeply tap into their interests, develop leadership skills, and build confidence. We don't do passive learning at Union Colony; we keep it active!

5. Safety and Well-being

A safe school is non-negotiable in our world. That's another reason our smaller size makes us a top choice. It's easier to maintain a secure campus. This is also important because we can attentively look after our students' well-being. We want you to have peace of mind knowing your child is in a safe space to grow, explore, and excel.

UCS prep school students rehearsing for a theatrical performance.

Choosing Union Colony Schools means opting for an environment where your child can thrive. It's not just education; it's preparing them for life with confidence, resilience, and a sense of community. Check out how we make big differences with our small school advantage.

Ready to see the Union Colony difference in action? Contact us today to learn more about our amazing school and K-12 programs!


About Union Colony Schools
Union Colony Schools’ innovative approach provides a tuition-free education rich in arts, music, technology and athletics to students in the greater Greeley, Colorado area. With two convenient campuses serving K-5 and 6-12, our dedicated teachers educate for a life of leadership and academic success. Join our close-knit, thriving K-12 schools, where the community is the heart of our mission, and everyone knows your name. We're enrolling.

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