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A Message from Our Director

April 21, 2021

Dear Union Colony Family,

Before this crazy year began the Union Colony School Board and staff made a commitment to provide in-person learning as long as it is safe to do so. So much so, we are one of the few schools not offering a hybrid option, and we knew we would lose some enrollment as a result. We recognize that teachers teach best, and students learn best, in person.

If a quarantine decision has to be made from an individual, to a class, to a school, it is my responsibility to make that call. Fortunately, I have a team of professionals advising me, including our registered nurse, district staff, and WCDPHE. In addition, there are clear guidelines for schools that we follow as outlined from CDPHE.

When there is more than one person in a room, there is probably a difference of opinion. I’ve been asked, for example, “Why didn’t you do what that other school did last week?” Each situation is unique and if all the circumstances were the same, most likely the guidelines have changed.

The bottom line, during a pandemic, I will do what health professionals recommend. On a personal level, I don’t agree with everything happening in the world, but my personal opinion is irrelevant when it comes to the safety of more than 800 students and staff.

In the case of the elementary this week, it came down to staffing. The health professionals mapped out the exposure and informed us which staff and students needed to be quarantined. The administration then had to decide if we had adequate staffing to remain in person.

This was a very hard decision to make. The pros and cons were weighed against this driving question, “With the staff remaining, what is best for students, in person or remote?” We reached the conclusion we were too short handed and the children were better served remotely.

Once the decision was made, the Pack got to work. Half a dozen staff made calls until 9:30 p.m. Saturday night and resumed Sunday morning. In a short time, the entire staff made arrangements to teach remotely, even though they would rather be teaching in person. Thank you to the Technology Department and everyone who helped get equipment to all our families.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. These are difficult times for all, but they are temporary. As of tomorrow there is only one month of school remaining! The Timberwolves will continue to make the best of whatever situation they are presented with. We don’t know how to do differently. Proud to be part of the Pack.


Jim Anderson

Jim Anderson

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