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A Message from Our Director

April 1, 2021

Dear Union Colony Family,

Spring symbolizes a time of transition. We awaken from winter and look forward to new beginnings. I like how this phrase expresses the season, “The earth reawakens from her slumber, and explodes with new life.”

We are all looking forward to new life. Hopefully before long many of our COVID restrictions will be lifted and masks, etcetera will be a thing of the past. In the meantime, the Timberwolves will continue to make the best of the situation we are presented with. We’re slowly reintroducing pre-COVID normalcy as safety precautions allow. For example, high school and middle school athletics have been taking place, and the elementary is expanding cafeteria and recess capacity.

First, we must take care of this season. A couple of big landmarks that are on the horizon are prom and graduation. Plans are being made given the precautions today with the hope of lessening by the time arrives. More details will be coming from Mr. Fowler soon. You’ll also be hearing from the building principals regarding summer school and field day at the elementary school.

Next, we’re looking forward to next school year and new beginnings. Here is a link to the 2021–2022 calendar. Last month’s newsletter referenced some facility improvements taking place this summer funded by the bond passed in 2019. This year a good portion of the elementary and secondary emergency relief (ESSER) funds were used to enhance our technology. We’re working on making the best use of the funds next year. I have a meeting on April 1 to learn more details. At this time we’re looking to add a librarian at the elementary, for example. Union Colony has benefited from two counselors due to a grant that expires this year. We’ll be able to continue this position with ESSER funds. If you have a child who uses our bussing you are aware of the mechanical issues we’ve had of late. It looks as though we’ll be able to purchase a reliable bus with these funds as well. More to come.

COVID changed the world just over a year ago. A year is long enough! It’s spring time, time for renewal, to begin again, to blossom. We’ll conclude this year as close to normal as possible within the current safety precautions. We’re planning on blossoming next year with our improved facilities, enhanced technology, and expanded personnel.


Jim Anderson

Jim Anderson

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