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A Message from Our Director

June 16, 2021

Dear Pack,

I started writing this weeks ago. Looking back over the years I’ve often encouraged embracing change. I’m having difficulty following my own advice. I’ve struggled writing this letter because it signifies another last for me. I’m just a little nervous leaving what I’ve known for so long. But it’s time for new beginnings, for me personally, and for Union Colony Schools. 

It’s exciting to finally see the old Preparatory building coming down. We expect excavation to be complete this week. The parking lot and outdoor classroom will be ready for use when school resumes in the fall. Pick up/drop off and traffic flow information will be coming in August. 

While one project is wrapping up another is beginning. Construction is soon to begin at the Elementary school. The media center is getting a major remodel into a library, which will open into an outdoor classroom. We are adding two classrooms and additional office space to the second floor. This will allow us to add preschool in the fall of 2022. Students and staff will get used to working around construction for about half the year, but it will be worth the result! 

It’s almost time for me to hand the keys over to Mr. Fowler. I’m excited to see where he and the Timberwolf team lead the pack. Thanks for allowing me to be part of the journey. 

Best wishes to all,

Jim Anderson

Jim Anderson

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