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Welcome to Union Colony Preparatory Schools! We’re glad you have decided to apply to our school. All applicants need to complete an online open enrollment application. An education from Union Colony will serve your child well during these important formative years as he/she moves on to higher institutions of learning, and throughout his/her entire life.


Union Colony is a free, public, charter school, which often has more community interest than available seating. As such, we’ve instituted a lottery according to state law to select new students for the upcoming school year. 

We automatically re-enroll students who are currently enrolled unless parents make other arrangements. We’ll assign additional available seats by lottery. During the lottery, we assign a number to all new student applications, draw the numbers at random, and place students within the appropriate grade level until we fill all of the available slots. 

If your child's number is not chosen during the lottery, we’ll add them to our waiting list. As student movement occurs during the school year, we offer available space to those applicants on our waiting list.

We accept online open enrollment applications all year, but hold our annual lottery in January.

Applicant Responsibility

Applicants are responsible to visit our online enrollment system to update any changes to their application including address, phone numbers, etc. All applications will remain active and be kept on file until applicants are offered enrollment or applicant requests removal.

Once the applicant enrolls at Union Colony, it is the parent's responsibility to notify Union Colony of any siblings currently on file. Students must provide their own transportation.

Registration Requirements

Visiting your child’s new school campus can help put jittery feelings at ease—both yours and your child’s! Stop by the school to turn in all necessary registration forms and documentation, and take a tour with a member of our friendly staff. When you come, please bring the following documentation:

  • Child’s original birth certificate
  • Immunization records
  • Withdrawal forms (if transferring from another school)

For questions regarding our application procedures or lottery policy, please contact our school offices.

Special Information for Kindergartners

All prospective kindergarten students must be Five years old on or before June 30 of the year they will be entering kindergarten.