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UCS elementary school student

Imagine a place where learning is like a stunning garden, meticulously tended and flourishing with each passing day. No matter the season, there’s still something beautiful to discover. That’s what studying at Union Colony Schools (UCS) is like. Our faculty and staff nurture young minds from kindergarten through 12th grade. From the ding of the first bell to the final ring of the day, our tuition-free school ensures every child grows into the best version of themselves. UCS is where education blossoms and students shine.  

Learning from the Ground-Up

UCS can tailor our curriculum and culture to suit individual student needs. We have freedom and flexibility. Our Greeley elementary campus (K-5) and Evans Preparatory School (6-12) are unique and nurturing environments where students are nudged to be curious, creative and critical thinkers. Like gardeners cultivating a bountiful garden, our teachers thoughtfully nurture each student's growth.

We lay strong roots in core subjects, emphasizing high standards and enriching activities that develop the whole child. In a sea of large schools, UCS stands out as a beacon of smaller, safer.


Locally Grown Learning

As a true neighborhood school, UCS enthusiastically welcomes families from Greeley and Evans. We greet each student at the start and end of every day, making them feel like a part of a larger family–one that cares. Our commitment to high academic standards has transformed us from one of the lowest-performing schools to one of the highest.

Small class sizes, personalized attention, and 1:1 instruction in math and reading ensure every child succeeds. From kindergarten to 5th grade, students explore Art, PE, Music, Technology, and after-school programs, building character and leadership skills that prepare them for middle school and beyond. With upgrades like our new Outdoor Learning Center and a well-stocked library, we invest in our students’ futures. Events like the Fall Carnival, supported by our vibrant parent-teacher organization, bring our community together in celebration.


UCS prep school student in class.

Preparation for Life

Our 6-12th grade campus is a small but strong community school with a reputation for challenging academics and solid character development. Our coursework combines fun and rigor, emphasizing independent thinking, problem-solving and conceptual understanding. This approach prepares students for a variety of career paths.


Students can earn an associate degree or trade certificates through concurrent enrollment options with Aims Community College while still in high school. From ceramics to choir, our arts programs flourish, and our competitive jazz band strikes a chord with many. Athletics and clubs like Student Council and Drama provide leadership and relationship-building opportunities. At UCS, dedicated teachers offer empathetic support to guide students from grade 6 through their transition to college or career.


Join Us!

Union Colony Schools is a community school where students learn, grow, explore, and stretch to become better versions of themselves. It's also a place where young adults make life-long friends. With our academic programs, enriching activities, and supportive environment, we prepare students for success in every stage of life. Don’t miss the chance to join the UCS Timberwolf family. Enroll now for the 2024-2025 school year! For more information, visit our website at Union Colony Schools.

About Union Colony Schools

Union Colony Schools’ innovative approach provides a tuition-free education rich in arts, music, technology and athletics to students in the greater Greeley, Colorado area. With two convenient campuses serving K-5 and 6-12, our dedicated teachers educate for a life of leadership and academic success. Join our close-knit, thriving K-12 schools, where the community is the heart of our mission, and everyone knows your name. We're enrolling.

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