Beat the Summer Learning Slump: 5 Fun & Fresh Activities

UCS hallway art of books including Alice in Wonderland, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe and Winnie the Pooh.

Ah, summer. The time of year when the kids are out of school, the sun is radiating, and parents are wondering how to keep their children from turning into screen zombies. Faculty at Union Colony Schools (UCS), your Greeley and Evans tuition-free public charter school, know this season can be a tricky balance of fun and learning. That’s why we’ve compiled five fresh and engaging activities to help your kids beat the summer learning slump. And guess what? These ideas are perfect for sneaking in a bit of education while still enjoying the break.

1. Create a Backyard Science Lab

Remember those volcano experiments from school? Step it up a level with a backyard science lab! Grab some household items like baking soda, vinegar, food coloring, and old plastic bottles. Under supervision, let the kids experiment with different reactions, build hypotheses, and check out the results. Don’t have food coloring? No worries! You can also use natural dyes like beet juice, spinach, or turmeric. These can add bright colors that pop in the same way.

Most kids will have a blast making a mess. They’ll also sharpen their science skills without even realizing it.

Why it’s perfect: Encourages critical thinking, hypothesis testing, and understanding chemical reactions.

2. DIY Summer Book Club

Turn your kids into bibliomaniacs with a DIY summer book club. Pick a few books that interest them (think fantasy, mystery, or even time travel). Set up bi-weekly meetings with themed snacks, chill music and discuss the plot, characters, and their favorite parts. If you’re feeling really creative, throw in a bit of cosplay to create a fantastic, bookish afternoon.

Why it’s awesome: Enhances reading comprehension, critical thinking, and social interaction.


3. Sports and Learning: The Perfect Match

Summer sports camps are one of the best ways for kids to learn teamwork, strategy, and perseverance - in addition to getting exercise. Sports make excellent use of all their energy! UCS offers Pee Wee Volleyball Camp for girls in grades 1-6 and a Basketball Camp for boys and girls in grades 3-5. These camps provide a structured environment where young learners can stay active, learn new skills, and make friends—all while giving their brains a workout.

Why it’s incredible: Boosts physical health, social skills, and strategic thinking.

4. Cook Up Some Math in the Kitchen

Most young people have no idea that baking cookies can be a math lesson in disguise. (Shhh...don't tell them right away!) Get your kids involved in the kitchen, measuring ingredients, adjusting recipes, and calculating cooking times, especially if you can tie it to one of their favorite treats. This is a hands-on way to practice fractions, ratios, and basic arithmetic—all while satisfying their sweet tooth or creating an amazing dip!

Why it’s marvelous: Reinforces math skills, encourages following directions, and fosters creativity.

Union Colony Schools motivational signage in hallway.

5. Nature Scavenger Hunt

Turn a typical walk in the park into an exciting learning adventure with a nature scavenger hunt. Write a list of items for your kids to find—like a heart-shaped rock, a red leaf, or evidence of animal tracks or footprints. Get creative! Give your child a notebook (or use a Notes-style app) to jot down their discoveries and research more about each item when they get home. It’s a fantastic way to get them curious about the world around them.

Why it’s a great idea: Promotes observation skills, environmental awareness, and curiosity.

Wrapping it Up

Learning doesn't have to stop because summer started. With these unique activities, your kids can stay sharp and maximize their time off. Whether it’s through science experiments, a book club, sports camps, kitchen math, or nature hunts, keep their minds active and ready for the 2024-2025 school year.

If you’re looking for a school that is an active partner in your child’s education, look no further than UCS! Enroll now or contact us for more information!

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