Preparatory Academics

Union Colony Preparatory School builds on the foundation of content mastery in our elementary program by centering its curriculum around cross-disciplinary problem-solving.

During the middle school years, our teachers focus on establishing critical thinking skills within our students to serve them throughout life as they discover, explore, and strive to understand the world around them.

Throughout high school, students explore conceptual themes and continue to develop core competencies in language, math, and science.

Our selection of curricular options includes advanced placement courses, dual/college credit courses, elective courses in both fine and performing arts, and world language.

Concurrent Enrollment at AIMS

Our partnership with Aims Community College allows eligible students to begin and finish their college or career path tuition free. We are located within walking distance of the Aims campus which makes scheduling and transportation easy for families.

Course Offerings

A full listing of our courses and their respective skills is available in our UCPS student handbook. In general, the following applies:

  • 6-7 grade students continue mastering core subject area skills while being introduced to abstract problem-solving, critical thinking, and organizational skills. A strong emphasis on fine arts helps students develop creativity and self-expression.
  • High school students explore core elective courses that expand their skills and knowledge base, preparing them for Advanced Placement and/or college-level courses their senior year. We emphasize personal study habits and organizational skills.
  • UCPS seniors combine the key elements of knowledge and study skills learned at Union Colony to successfully navigate college coursework for dual credit. We require every senior to complete a minimum of two AP (or comparable college) courses in addition to Senior Seminar for graduation. Senior Seminar is a self-directed research project in which students research a local/community-based problem and attempt to solve it. Their findings are published in a written thesis and evaluated by a committee for organization, topic development, presentation and writing skills, and content knowledge.


Learn more about Union Colony's educational standards and assessments.

Curriculum Partnerships

Our curriculum is always available for review. If you don't find what you're looking for, give us a call.


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