We ❤️ Reading

We ❤️ Reading
Two Union Colony Elementary School students read independently at their desks. They have a selection of books on their desks.

When children fall in love with reading, they explore worlds unknown, uncover mysteries, and empathize with characters. Reading is exciting and FUN! At Union Colony Schools, a tuition free public school, we believe that an early foundation of reading unlocks doors to the world and paves the path to academic success. All Union Colony Schools students, from Kindergarten to 12th grade, receive a high quality reading education that encourages a love of reading and builds confidence in their abilities.

Foundational Skills

The research on reading is clear: readers flourish with science-backed reading instruction from highly qualified teachers. At the elementary level, we provide daily reading instruction to create a solid literacy foundation. Our teachers are all certified by the State of Colorado and participate in professional development that helps further their reading teaching skills.

Guided reading for our youngest students supports reading skills through small, teacher-led groups. Teachers use assessments to track student progress and provide students with personalized instruction on decoding, fluency, and comprehension skills. If your child needs a little extra support, we have a daily 60 minute block that is designed to catch kids who may need help. Students receive extended reading or math depending on individual needs. 

Students and families love our newly renovated library at the elementary campus. Complete with comfy reading chairs and a wide selection of books for readers of all ages and levels, our media center offers a warm invitation to jump into a good story. 


The library at Union Colony Elementary School contains unique chairs, wooden shelves filled with books and displays of books at kid level.

Reading at All Ages

Middle school reading instruction at Union Colony Preparatory School is all about creating and encouraging independence. Middle schoolers love choice and feeling in control of their learning, so instruction at this age shifts to helping students find their own reading motivation.

Middle school students still need to learn reading fundamentals, but now we get to deep dive into the subject areas. In science, students explore the physical world by reading non-fiction text. Poetry is used to foster a love of words and ideas. And in social studies, biographies and historical fiction help students step back in time to understand what life was like in the past. 

Union Colony teachers use reading materials of varying difficulties and genres, while also including texts that represent the backgrounds, needs, and interests of our students. Choice in books, along with a caring teacher who can make great recommendations, helps middle school students find a book that is just right for them.

We ❤️ to read at Union Colony Schools. Let us help your child find the reading key to unlock doors to their academic success! Enroll today at our tuition-free K-12 schools to get your child started with the fundamentals. 

About Union Colony Schools

Union Colony Schools provide a tuition-free college prep education rich in arts, music, technology and athletics to students in the greater Greeley, Colorado area. With two convenient campuses serving K-5 and 6-12, our dedicated teachers educate for a life of leadership and academic success. Our close-knit, highly rated K-12 schools are evidence of our Excellence in Education. Join us, we're enrolling.

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