Did You Know?

If your Gmail quota is full you are missing new emails
Gmail Full

Many of us have had Gmail for a number of years.  Assigned to more than just email, photos, documents in Drive, etc. can fill up the allotted quota of 15 GB given to free accounts. 

When this happens you can no longer send or receive email.  For UC it means we can't send you important emails and for you it means you are missing new email.  

How do you resolve this?  Increase Quota or Reduce/move no longer needed items

1.  Pay for an upgrade. A 100 megs is $20 a year and worth it for some. 

2.  Move large items like photos to another account or to alternate forms of storage like a flash drive or on a device like a laptop, etc. 

3. Empty trash, delete duplicates, etc. to free up space.

To see how much space you have left, on a computer, go to google.com/settings/storage.

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