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A group of happy Union Colony elementary students
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Three happy Union Colony girls at graduation

Preparatory News

There's nothing we enjoy more than sharing the good news about our wonderful students and staff members. And we have a lot of great things to share! Read all about student and faculty awards and accomplishments, past happenings, upcoming events, and so much more.

Drop Off, Pick Up, & Parking Reminder

Please take a minute to review these important reminders about our drop off, pick up, and parking procedures.

Students dropped off before 8:00 a.m. can only enter the school through the “Wolf Den” doors. Students dropped off after 8:00 a.m. will enter through the main doors.

Make sure you drop off and pick up your child in a safe manner. Please put your phones down and watch for students darting in front of you. Drop off and pick students on 20th Street Road, the west parking lot next to Clubhouse Drive, or the main lot in front of the school. When picking up, dropping off, or coming into the building, at any time, do not park in the handicapped parking or red fire lane.

Health Concerns & Medication

If your child has a health concern that requires medication, special procedures, or accommodations at school, please contact the health clerk and/or the school registered nurse before school starts or at back to school events. Health conditions include but are not limited to diabetes, ADD/ADHD, asthma, seizures, allergies, food allergies, migraines, chronic pain, etc. All medication at school (pills, syrups, EpiPens, inhalers, cough drops, eye drops, creams, any over the counter medication, etc.), must be in original containers, not expired, and must have a signed physician and parent authorization. Health office staff will be available the day before school starts if you have any questions or concerns. Please remember to have immunizations updated, especially if your child is entering kindergarten or 6th grade.

2019-2020 Photo Gallery

Take a moment to browse through our 2019-2020 photo gallery.

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