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Elementary & Preparatory Schools
A group of happy Union Colony elementary students
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Teacher reads to students in class


There's a lot happening in our vibrant and growing school district! From events taking place at school to public information notices we may send out to families, we’ve included all the latest events here on one page. Make it your first stop when you visit our website to ensure you are always aware of what is going on.


If you need to drop off an item or speak to your child, you must first stop and sign in at the front office. This applies to all parents and guests, regardless of how long your child has been with the school. Thank you for helping keep your child’s school environment safe.

Student Count Day

Please have your student in school on October 2. If possible, avoid making appointments or planning a vacation on this date. School funding is based on an annual October pupil count. Each year, all school districts across the state of Colorado participate in the student October count data submission to the Colorado Department of Education (CDE.) The student October count is based on a one-day membership count, in which districts report all students who are actively enrolled and attending classes through their district on that date. This data not only determines the per-pupil funding, but also At-Risk and English Language Proficiency Act (ELPA) funding. Your help with this is greatly appreciated.