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Elementary School
A group of happy Union Colony elementary students
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Teacher reads to students in class

Elementary Academics

The Union Colony curriculum adheres to state standards in all subjects, including the core areas of language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. We also offer instruction in art, music, and physical education. For more information about state standards and assessments, please follow the links on this page.

The academic focus at UCES is to prepare students for the rigors of Union Preparatory School. This requires a firm foundation in language arts (reading, writing, and oral communication), math, and the sciences. Research indicates that the best form of instruction (shown through consistently high levels of academic achievement across cultural and socioeconomic borders) is the Direct Instruction Model. This model provides highly structured, sequential learning that either bridges gaps in students' academic mastery or accelerates their learning based on need. This model also recognizes the importance of fine arts integration in student achievement. In light of that, we’ve chosen to implement this model across our K–5 curriculum.

Additional Programming

In addition to our core curriculum, students at Union Colony Elementary also enjoy:

  • Extra-curricular clubs and activities
  • Art instruction
  • Music
  • Physical education
  • Technology

Student Placement

We group students according to their ability (current level of academic mastery) in reading. We monitor and evaluate their learning every week to ensure they are mastering new skills. Students that reach mastery advance to the next ability group. Struggling students receive additional instruction and/or skills practice.