Welcome to Our School

We are thrilled to announce that “Union Colony Preparatory School was the best performing school in Greeley and the county with 26.3% (remediation rate),” almost 10% under the national average! (Greeley Tribune, May 28, 2016) 

The remediation report provides consistent data over time, making it among the most important measures of how well schools are preparing students for post-secondary education. Union Colony Preparatory School, a public charter school in the Weld County School District that serves kindergarten through 12th grade students from Greeley and Evans, Colorado, is the best place to prepare your child to be successful in college and beyond.

Here at Union Colony, we are proud to have some of the best students, parents, teachers, and administrators around. Our outstanding academics, athletics, and college-prep program prepare students for college and/or other post-secondary educational success!

A Message from Our Director

Dear Community,

Welcome to our new website! We are proud to present to you this new communication vehicle, where you can keep up to date and informed about all our amazing programs and activities.

We share the same goals: You desire a great education for your child, and I expect Union Colony to provide a great education to all children. You desire great opportunities in your child's future, and Union Colony’s accelerated academic program prepares students for collegiate success—which broadens opportunities for future success.

Thank you for your continued support of Union Colony. We recognize the importance of parental involvement in the educational process and encourage you to visit our office or contact a teacher to find out how you can get more involved. I look forward to our partnership as we work toward providing awesome opportunities for our children’s futures.


Jim Anderson

Jim Anderson